Barrisol Specifications

Master Specification - Stretch Ceilings - Barrisol ® 1.01 Related Documents A. Drawings and general provisions of the Construction Contract, including general and Supplementary Conditions and Division 1 Specification sections, apply to work of this Section. 1.02 SUMMARY A. This Section includes stretched membrane ceiling systems complete with accessories for interior installations. 1. Division 1 Section Alternates 2. Division 5 Metals, Section 05500 Metal fabrication 3. Division 9 Finishes, Section 09912 Painting 4. Division 16 Section Electrical for additional or larger size wires, as required to properly support lighting fixtures to be furnished and installed by the Electrical Contractor. 1.03 REFERENCE STANDARDS A. Requirements, abbreviations and acronyms for reference standards are defined in Section 01095. B. Fire Rating: Stretched ceiling shall have a fire hazard of Class C. 1 in the USA within the requirements of the ASTM E84. Stretched ceiling shall successfully meet criteria for: UBC 17-5 Room Fire Test Standard, N.Y.S. Pittsburgh Protocol Toxicity Test City of New York Building Department. Meets N.F.P.A 701, “ Standard Test Method of Fire Tests for Flame Resistant Textiles and Films” D. Stretch Ceiling must be UL listed (UL 723). E. Stretch Ceiling must meet the requirements of NFPA 701. F. The stretched ceilings must be certified to be Free of Phthalates.

1.04 QUALITY ASSURANCE A. The work of this section shall be performed by a company which Specializes in the type of stretched ceiling system required by this project, with a minimum of 5 years documented successful experience and shall be performed by skilled workmen thoroughly trained in the necessary craft. 1. Work shall be performed in compliance with Owner’s insurance Underwriters’ requirements and UL Approvals and Testing for materials, assemblies and procedures. B. The membrane shall be stretched over the subsurface and hooked into the aluminum rails without glue or clips. C. The stretch ceiling membrane shall be removable by hand and approved

tools for visible inspection, to provide access above the stretched membrane, and to provide for subsequent re-installation. D. The membrane shall not be less than 17/100 mm thick and shall not have a weight of more than 20g per square foot for all finishes except Brushed Suede. Brushed Suede membrane shall not be less than 35/100 mm thick and shall not have a weight of more than 32g per square foot. E. The width of sheeting between two factory welds shall not be less than 5’6”. F. All membranes/sheets (except Brushed Suede) shall be washable and antibacterial.

1.05 SUBMITTALS A. Product Data: Shall be clearly marked to indicate all technical information which specifies full compliance with requirements of this Section, Contract documents, and the manufacturers’ published installation recommendations, including but not limited to the following: samples and printed materials. B. Dealer Certification: Submit in writing the manufacturers’ certification. C. Warranty: Submit manufacturers’ limited warranty against defeats in product, harpoon welds, sheet welds for a period of ten years, colorfastness and workmanship for a period of two years, all under normal conditions. F. Samples for Initial Selection Purpose: Submit samples of all standard colors and finishes for membranes and rails. G. Samples for Verification Purpose: Submit 6” square samples of each type and color of membrane and rail specified. H. Certified Test Reports: Submit test data from an independent testing agency, acceptable to authorities having jurisdiction, evidencing that ceiling assembly comply with requirements indicated for fire performance characteristics. Each ceiling must carry the UL label. UL Classification and label must be submitted for each ceiling color or pattern used. “Clear” translucent sheeting used must be class A fire rated. Class B fire rated sheeting does not meet the intent or strict fire code of this specification.

1.06 PROJECT CONDITIONS A. Do not begin installation until spaces to receive stretched ceilings have been enclosed, sufficient heat is provided, dust generating activities have terminated, and overhead mechanical and electrical work is completed, tested and approved. B. Permit wet work to dry prior to commencement of installation. C. Maintain uniform temperatures and humidity prior to, during and after installation. D. The ceiling cavity must be airtight. E. If a ventilation system is used, air intakes and outlets must have the right dimensions to be correctly balanced.

1.07 COORDINATION A. Coordinate layout and installation of ceiling system with other construction that penetrates the ceiling or is supported by them, including light fixtures, HVAC, fire suppression system, and partition assemblies. 1.08 STORAGE AND HANDLING A. Store all materials off the ground and protected from dirt and dust of construction operations. B. Materials are to be acclimated to installation conditions for 48 hours prior to installations. C. Handle all materials in a manner that will protect them from damage.

2.01 ACCEPTABLE MANUFACTURES A. The Stretch Ceiling as manufactured by BARRISOL Normalu S.A., 68680 Kembs, France (or manufactured under license). For the authorized licensed dealer in your area contact: The Bartley Group, Inc. “Committed to Life Safety”™ 27071 Cabot Rd, Suite 125 Laguna Hills, CA 92653 Phone: (888) 846-0029 Fax: (949) 600-5309 Bart Moore Fabric Wallcraft of California, Inc. “Committed to Life Safety”™ 2921 E. La Palma Anaheim, CA 92806 Phone: (714) 632-8373 ext. 204 Fax: (714) 632-8365 Erik Hile

2.02 COMPONENTS A. Stretch PVC (polyvinyl chloride base, guaranteed cadium free) membrane-ceiling sheet: Ceiling material must not be manufactured with the use of any Phthalate Plasticizers and must be documented to be Phthalate Free A ceiling membrane will be custom produced according to exact field measurements. The membrane will be connected together by factory welds to achieve the appropriate size. The Architect to select one of the following: Stretched Ceiling Sheeting must be documented to be Phthalate Free.

Stretched Ceiling Sheeting must be UL Classified and each ceiling must carry the UL Label. 1. Finishes: Matte, Satin, Lacquer, Translucent, Metallic, Brushed Suede, perforated finish (1mm available in all finishes, 4mm available in matte and lacquer finishes, and 10 mm available in special matte finish 36/100mm only). Antibacterial (available in all finishes except Brushed Suede), Special Antistatic sheet (available in white lacquer except by special order). “Clear” translucent sheetings for use with 2 layer systems as a dust / bug shield must be class A fire rated. Class B fire rated sheeting does not meet the intent or strict fire code of this specification. B. Harpoon: A semi-rigid PVC harpoon (depending on rail type selected) is welded at the factory onto the perimeter of the ceiling membrane. specify harpoon to be white or black. C. 1. Star Aluminum Rail System: Barrisol Star Aluminum rails; part number and profile as indicated on drawings. NOTE: PVC rails Do Not meet the design intent of this specification. D. Rings: Reinforcement rings in Class A PVC available in the shape and size to fit light fixtures, sprinkler heads, HVAC, smoke detectors, etc. E. Acoustical Materials: Can be installed above the ceiling but not on it. This acoustical material must meet the requirements of the acoustical specialist and comply with the requirements of the Contract documents. F. Seams/Welds: The seams will be lapped and factory welded. The seam location to be specified by the architect.

3.01 EXAMINATION A. Install Stretch Ceiling System in accordance with approved submittals, reflected ceiling plan in Architectural Drawings, manufacturer’s published recommendations and Contract Documents. B. Examine the condition of the installation site and the conditions. Notify the Contractor or Architect in writing of any unsatisfactory conditions. Do not proceed with the work until such conditions have been corrected in a manner satisfactory to the installers. C. Survey the installation site for exact field measurements for custom production of the ceiling membrane. Take actual field measurements for each ceiling.

D. Inspect each space that is to receive wall fixed mounted rails. The surface where the rails will be fixed must be smooth, flat and finished prior to installation of the rails. E. The stretched ceiling should only be installed if the wet work is completed and dry, the space is enclosed weather tight and dust free, all painting and wall covering is completed and dry, the work of other trades is completed included electrical work, sprinkler systems, HVAC, etc.

3.02 Installation A. Field measure each space with a stretch ceiling. B. Fasten the rails at the perimeter of each room using mitered cut corners and the appropriate fixing technique for each type of surface as recommended by manufacturer. C. Heat the ceiling membrane to release the sheet for installation purposes. D. Extend the membrane into the rails with the appropriate manufacturers tools. E. After the membrane is completely secured, the heating source should be removed to allow the membrane to recover to its designated size, free of wrinkles. F. Make all required penetrations for lights, HVAC, sprinkler systems, etc. and secure the opening with a manufacturers reinforcement ring or square using the appropriate technique for each item as recommended by manufacturer.

4.01 CLEANING A. Clean the complete ceiling installation and adjoining construction as required. B. Provide a written recommendation for cleaning and maintenance Procedure including a list of approved cleaning products.

5.01 PROTECTION A. The general contractor is responsible for protecting the stretched ceilings from damage from other trades.