Revolutionary & Sustainable

TERRA CORE™ is a revolutionary sustainable building product used as an acoustical sound absorber that can effectively replace standard insulation at no increase in cost!

Naturally grown and recycled products are taking the world by storm. Combining the natural and re-used is not entirely new. Cotton-fiber and recycled fiber insulation has been gaining popularity among home builders in the last year or so. Terra Core™ begins with denim remnants that are woven into a renewable product that never harms the environment.

Class A Product

Many popular insulating materials are made from chemical-laced fibers and are hard to break down in soil. Toxins can also find their way into the ground. Terra Core™ is not only all natural, but is also a Class A product! Thickness range from 1/2 to 2 inch nominal thickness (12.7mm – 51 mm) and densities range from 3.5# to 6.0#. The NRC and SAA values meet or exceed those of typical regular fiberglass insulation.

100% Recyclable

100% Recyclable, Rapidly Renewable, Sustainable, User Friendly, Terra Core™ is a totally unique environmentally friendly acoustic absorber engineered specifically for acoustical applications. Use in conjunction with applications such as fabric panels, wood slat or perforated panels, metal mesh, perforated stone, theater boards, stretch fabric and ceiling systems and experience this naturally grown and recycled product that is taking the world by storm! Stand-alone products will also benefit from the light-weight, but substantial sound barrier. Simply cover Terra Core™ with a commercial grade fabric or lightweight board and you will have a beautiful wall, panel or show board that gives you, the designer, endless possibilities to create one-of-a kind installations!


Denim, safe enough to wear against human skin, can now find a new life when renewed into sustainable insulation that is clean, free of chemicals, recyclable and durable. Wherever you need acoustical solutions, Terra Core™ can deliver a simple, cost-effective solution to reducing noise pollution and enhancing acoustical performance.

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