Innovative Solutions

For over 25 years, Richter akustik & design GmbH & Co. has provided innovative solutions to the interior design and timber trade industries. A manufacturer and developer of high-end acoustic wall and ceiling panels, edge banding materials and veneers, Richter USA, Inc. is the North American division of Richter Furniertechnik. Each product produced by their team of engineers is a testament to the company's creativity and dedication to quality.

Pushing the Industry Forward

Richter's Stone-Veneer and Acoustic-Lightboard products exemplify the company's innovative spirit. Made from light, flexible and ultra-thin real stone, the veneer covering is formed by combining the customer's choice of slate, quartzite or sandstone with an adhesive, such as GRP (glass fiber reinforced polyester resin). The resulting sheet features a wholly unique look and feel and can be used to decorate walls and floors, furniture and even automotive and aircraft interiors.

Aesthetic Quality

The Acoustic-Lightboard maintains Richter's commitment to aesthetic quality while also delivering a product with exceptional sound absorption properties. These wooden panels combine an inner mesh honeycomb structure with micro-perforations to create plates capable of measurably reducing indoor noise pollution. Available in a range of sizes, the very customizable lightboard weighs only 1.2 pounds per square foot, making them light, easy to install and a perfect choice for public spaces.

Rising Standards

Richter akustik & design GmbH & Co. is devoted to producing environmentally-friendly products. Not only do they use 100% recyclable materials, but the company is committed to utilizing post-consumer recycled materials in the creation of their products.