Murano Acoustics Architectural Specifications


DIVISION 09 – FINISHES: Specification Sections 09545, 09560, 09700, 09770, 09940. CSI - MASTER FORMAT 2004: 095433, 097700, 098400, 098413,098433.

PART 1 GENERAL The general and supplementary conditions of Division 1 of the specifications shall apply to all work of this section.

1.1 SECTION INCLUDES A. Wood veneer acoustical wall and ceiling panels.

1.2 RELATED WORK NOT INCLUDED A. Components for walls or ceilings, other than Murano acoustical panel, are not included. The layout and installation of Murano acoustical panels shall be coordinated with other trades whose work is related/adjacent to Murano Acoustics installation.

1.3 COORDINATION OF WORK A. Coordinate wall or ceiling work with installers of related work including but limited to building insulation, paint, wallcoverings, gypsum board, light fixtures, mechanical systems, electrical systems and sprinklers.


A. ASTM E 84 Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials.

B. ASTM C 423 and E 795 Sound Absorption and Sound Absorption Coefficients by the Reverberation Room Method.

C. ISO 354 Measurement of Sound Absorption in a Reverberation Room. 1.5 QUALITY ASSURANCE A. Single Source: Murano acoustical panels mentioned in this section shall be supplied by a single manufacturer. B. Installer Qualifications: Installation contractor shall have at least two (2) years of experience in installing similar acoustical panels. -1- Feb 2015 C. When requested, the Murano Acoustics panels are fabricated using class A fire rated materials. The panel cores and/or finish coatings shall comply with fire code requirements. Submittal data is based on supplier tests. Due to the variety of patterns and veneer combinations available that differ on a project-by-project basis, panel composite testing has not been completed. Murano Acoustics offers five options of panel construction based on the requirements of the installation: · Option 1: Non fire rated MDF substrate, natural cut bamboo veneer panel face and clear finish coating. · Option 2: Class A fire rated MDF substrate, natural cut bamboo veneer panel face and clear finish coating. · Standard Wood Veneers offered: oak, maple, cherry, sapele, beech, angre, and walnut. Custom available. · Terracoustics™: Class A fire rated MDF, Teragren® renewable bamboo veneer panel face and clear finish coating. · Teragren® Pureform™ bamboo veneer: natural and caramelized flat and vertical grains · Teragren® Xcora® bamboo veneer: wheat, chestnut and brindle · Standard finish: CLEAR. Custom stain panels available u Prices vary depending on the selected option.

D. Environmental Standards: upon request, Murano acoustical panels may comply with environmental standards set by accredited industry organizations. E. Alternate Bids: alternate products shall be submitted to the Design Consultant ten (10) days prior to bid closing. Alternate bids can only be considered as an alternate to the specified base bid product.


A. Product Data: Murano Acoustics shall provide technical specifications and installation guidelines for all required panels.

B. Samples: When required, one (1) 12” x 12” Murano acoustical panel, in the specified Murano panel style, with finish applied, shall be submitted for approval. 1.7 DELIVERY, INSPECTION, STORAGE, AND HANDLING A. Murano acoustical panels shall be delivered to the project site in original, unopened packages. Any damage to package material, discrepancy in quantity or errors should be put in writing and submitted immediately to the Contractor. B. The Murano acoustical panels shall be stored flat and level, in a fully enclosed space as per section 1.8 of these specifications. The panels shall be stored in the room in which they will be installed at least 96 hours before the installation takes place and allow to acclimatize. Factory finished products require up to a week or more on site for acclimatization. The room conditions, namely the room’s temperature and humidity shall match the conditions that will be normal in the occupied space. Store the Murano Acoustics panels off the ground, on a pallet. C. Murano Acoustics panels shall be handled in a manner that will protect them from any type of damage. D. Review the Murano Acoustics Installation Guidelines for details on how to store, handle and acclimatize the panels prior to installation. -2- Feb 2015 1.8 PROJECT CONDITIONS A. Installation shall be done only when all wet work has been completed and dried. Temperature and humidity conditions must match the normal conditions in the occupied space. The humidity of the room shall not drop under 25% or exceed 55%. The HVAC system shall be functioning continuously before, during and after installation. B. It is important that plenums have proper ventilation, especially in high moisture areas. There shall be no excessive build up of heat in the installation areas. C. Prior to the start of installation, all exterior windows and doors are to be in place, glazed, and weather-stripped. The roof is to be watertight. D. Mechanical, electrical, and other utility service installations beyond the wall or ceiling plane shall be completed. No materials should rest against, or wrap around, the wall or ceiling attachment components or connecting hangers. E. Review the Murano Acoustics Installation Guidelines for details on the appropriate project site conditions prior to installation. 1.9 WARRANTY A. All Murano Acoustics panels have a one (1) year limited warranty by the manufacturer, for manufacturing defects only. B. The Contractor and/ or Installation Company shall provide a one (1) year limited warranty from final acceptance of completed work and/or date of substantial completion of work. PART 2 PRODUCT 2.1 MURANO ACOUSTICAL PANELS A. For the authorized dealer in your area, contact: The Bartley Group, Inc. Fabric Wallcraft of California, Inc. Bartley Moore Erik Hile 27071 Cabot Rd., Suite 125 2921 E La Palma Ave. Laguna Hills, CA 92653 Anaheim, CA 92806 Toll Free: (949) 215 – 7979 Toll Free: (800) 615 – 0516 Fax: (949) 600 - 5309 Phone: (714) 632 – 8373 ext. 204 Fax: (714) 632 - 8365 -3- Feb 2015 B. The Murano acoustical panels shall be of an ECOBoard or MDF core with a natural wood veneer face and a clear finish coating. Select from the standard wood veneer selection: maple, white oak, sapele, cherry, bamboo natural and bamboo caramelized. A factory installed Sound Tex™ non-woven acoustic material is applied to the back of each panel. C. The Murano acoustical panels shall be [part number]. Each part number indicates the pattern / design preference. Indicate the size / dimension in [X] inches/millimeters wide x [X] inches/millimeters long and be [X] inches/millimeters thick. Use the “Murano Acoustics Styles & Dimensions Sheet”for guidance on the available sizes for each pattern. The NRC rating of the Murano acoustical panels shall be [X]. (Note: a higher NRC rating can be achieved with the addition of insulation material behind the panel). D. Murano Non-Acoustical/ Reflective panels are available upon request. E. For perforated and slotted patterns, panel sizes should not be mixed in order to maintain the same size for the non perforated border around the perimeter of the panels. 2.2 SUPPORT SYSTEMS A. Murano acoustical panels shall be attached to a framing substrate system provided by the installation company, in accordance with the current architectural drawings. 2.3 FINISHES AND COLORS A. All Murano Acoustics panels shall be factory-finished with clear finish coatings. Custom stain finishes are also available upon request at an additional price. Custom stain finished and fire retardant finished panels require a longer lead time. All finishes shall be selected by the designer, architect, or designated owner's representative. B. Wood is a natural product with variations in grain, texture, and color. Product finishes shall be stained or sealed, factory spray-applied to achieve a smooth-sanded surface. PART 3 EXECUTION 3.1 FABRICATION A. Factory finished Murano Acoustics panels shall be square, true to size and free from twist or other defects that could affect their strength or appearance. Factory applied finish should be uniform, smooth and without blemishes. 3.2 PREPARATION A. Layout: The Contractor and/ or Installation Company shall measure all wall or ceiling areas, and establish the layout of the Murano acoustical panels and support framing, in accordance with installation guidelines. -4- Feb 2015 3.3 INSTALLATION A. General: The Contractor and/ or Installation Company shall install materials in accordance with all applicable regulations and industry standards. B. All panels shall be installed plumb, squared and rigidly anchored maintaining uniform clearances and accurate alignment measurements. 3.4 CLEANING AND PROTECTION A. Upon completion of the Murano Acoustics installation, remove dust from surface, grooves and penetrations by vacuuming using only a soft brush. DO NOT scratch wood surface with sharp metal or plastic vacuum attachment. Remove pencil marks with soft erasure. Remove general surface dirt, dust, grease, oils, and fingerprints with a soft damp warm cloth with a mild diluted cleaning agent. Wipe dry with a soft dry cloth. Do not use cleaners with grit or cloths that could scratch the wood surface. B. Contractor shall protect completed Murano acoustical panels from damage by other trades. END OF SECTION