Ionis Pharmaceutical Ceiling

To respond to the need for construction products that offer high quality, adaptability, high performance, creativity and enhanced security, Barrisol offers a new line of products, Barrisol® Acoustics. Barrisol® Acoustics offers four unique, acoustic stretch ceiling systems : Miniperf, Microacoustic, Acoperf and Microperf.The physics of the sound absorption and the sheeting itself make Barrisol® Acoustics sheets an ideal sound absorption device. Micro-perforations transform the acoustic energy in thermal energy. The viscous friction created when the sound wave meets the air in the micro-perforations is accentuated by the resistance of the air volume enclosed between the material and the ceiling cavity. The technology built into Barrisol® Acoustics sheeting allows it to obtain spectacular acoustic results.The acoustic absorption coefficient of Barrisol® Acoustics depends on four factors: the diameter of the distance between the holes the pattern of micro-perforation the thickness of the sheet the airspace behind the sheet and the ceiling above.These four factors allow a designer to choose the best Barrisol® Acoustics perforation style for their particular application.



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