The Annenberg Space for Photography

Sound absorption no longer has to come at the expense of design. Sound absorption can now compliment your design and help you provide acoustic comfort and a pleasant atmosphere in almost any space. Barrisol® Acoustics technology can be integrated into public spaces such as museums, airports, churches, restaurants or music venues. Any space where occupant comfort is important is an ideal application for Barrisol®.The physics of the sound absorption and the sheeting itself make Barrisol® Acoustics sheets an ideal sound absorption device. Micro-perforations transform the acoustic energy in thermal energy. The viscous friction created when the sound wave meets the air in the micro-perforations is accentuated by the resistance of the air volume enclosed between the material and the ceiling cavity. The technology built into Barrisol® Acoustics sheeting allows it to obtain spectacular acoustic results.The acoustic absorption coefficient of Barrisol® Acoustics depends on four factors: the diameter of the distance between the holes the pattern of micro-perforation the thickness of the sheet the airspace behind the sheet and the ceiling above.These four factors allow a designer to choose the best Barrisol® Acoustics perforation style for their particular application.



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